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CRESA has been undertaking social research and evaluation for over two decades. Our research focuses on encouraging community development and sustainable communities.

Have a browse through the site to find links to a selection of our more recent work.  We don’t have all of our older projects/publications uploaded so do feel free to contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

Finding the Best Fit: Housing, Downsizing and Older People in a Changing Society

This three year research programme focuses on the practicalities and implications of housing downsizing for people in mid-life and in retirement. We know very little about the practicalities of different forms of housing and housing equity downsizing in New Zealand. Yet older people and their families are already making complex decisions about ageing in place or downsizing, largely unguided about how to assess the net financial and social benefits to them. There is limited and often confusing information

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Community Resilience and Good Ageing: Doing Better in Bad Times

This two-year research programme funded by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) seeks to optimise outcomes for communities and older people in the context of adverse, natural events by integrating models of Positive Ageing with models of Community Resilience. It addresses two unavoidable realities: NZ’s ageing population and its unique exposure to seismic and extreme weather events. In less than two generations NZ will have 1.35 million people aged 65 years or more. Their

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Ruth Fraser.

Kay Saville Smith

Research Director A sociologist, Kay has built up twenty years of solid expertise in community and social policy research. Her research areas include applied social research and evaluation in housing, public policy and community development.

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