Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

What we do

CRESA has been undertaking social research and evaluation for more than two decades. Our research focuses on encouraging community development and sustainable communities.

Our research and evaluation work centres on critical aspects of:

  • social development, policy and services
  • resource management for sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes
  • housing and the built environment.

Our research and evaluation is cross-disciplinary. It often involves the communities within which we work, and collaborations with other research organisations.

Our main clients are central and local government agencies and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (formerly the Ministry of Science and Innovation and before that the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology).

We understand how important it is for all research (whether short- or long-term, qualitative or quantitative, pre- or post-evaluation) to be clearly focused and relevant. We aim at responsive research that is well-grounded in social science techniques and methodology.

CRESA is committed to research which enables policy makers, communities and other decision makers to work together and make realistic, constructive decisions, leading to the best possible social, economic, and environmental outcomes.