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Beacon Pathway Research

Beacon Pathway a research consortium of industry, local government and research organisations was established in 2004. Beacon was formed to integrate research into building technologies and industry practices with research on consumer awareness and uptake, policy and regulation and urban form.

CRESA was involved in a number of Beacon projects between 2004 and 2010 including work on retrofit and neighbourhoods. A selection of reports can be downloaded here. For more information about Beacon Pathway and a more complete list of research reports please refer to the Beacon Pathway website www.beaconpathway.co.nz.


Publications in this project

A National Survey of Neighbourhood Experiences and Characteristics:Opportunities for Data Use

Building for Sustainable Homes in Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Getting Sustainable Neighbourhoods Presentation

HomeSmart Renovations: Early Data from the Homeowner Interviews

HomeSmart Renovations: Householder Actions and Responses to Dwelling Performance

House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance

Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework: Prototype

Neighbourhood Sustainability Presentation

Neighbourhoods and Intensification: Measuring Sustainability (conference presentation SB 10)

Valuing Sustainable Neighbourhoods