Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

Building Energy End-use Study

CRESA are part of a multi-disciplinary team led by BRANZ Ltd and also including Energy Solutions Ltd, the Centre for Building Performance Research at Victoria University of Wellington, John Jowett, and CRL Energy Ltd, who are undertaking research for the Building Energy End-use Study (BEES).

The BEES programme is designed to provide a greater understanding of the how, why, where and when of energy and water use in New Zealand’s non-residential buildings. Through actual measurement and analysis of energy use in buildings, BEES will identify opportunities for increased operational energy and water efficiency. The programme has eight key objectives:

  • Quantify and characterise the energy use in NZ non-residential buildings.
  • Understand how energy is used in today’s non-residential buildings.
  • Improve the basis for Government policy development and implementation.
  • Improve models of non-residential building energy use.
  • Provide guidance to create more productive work environments.
  • Support the reduction of GHG emissions and adaptation to climate change.
  • Provide design and operation guidance to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Improve the basis for development of the NZ Building Code (NZBC), Standards and energy rating tools such as GreenStar.


Further details about this research programme and downloads of study reports to-date can be found on the BRANZ website at www.branz.co.nz

Publications in this project

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Report 1. The Changing Population of Kawerau: 1951 to 2001