Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

Homes Built for Real Lives, Great Futures

Under-supply of new dwellings has been cited as a major contributor to New Zealand’s high house prices, falling owner occupation, and increasing numbers of households burdened with unaffordable housing. Consequently, central and local government have sought to encourage new-builds and the release of land for residential purposes. There has been an ongoing downward trend since the 1960s in the number of new homes being built at the affordable end of the market and it is clear that high numbers of residential new builds do not inevitably deliver housing affordable to households and families with limited resources.

Funded out of the Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities contestable funding round this project is concerned with revitalising the building industry’s production of affordable homes that meet the needs of low and modest income households whether in rental or home ownership. It asks two critical and strategic questions:

  • What is the demand for and value embedded in a social investment in low cost new builds? and,
  • How can a building industry which has been engrossed with producing housing in the upper quartiles of value be re-oriented to
    delivering low cost housing?

You can find more detail about the project and the research team on the programme website here.