Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

Improving the Architecture of Decision-Making (BBHTC SRA1)

Despite the resources, reviews, time and anxiety we in New Zealand expend saying we want affordable, functional homes, fit for purpose, financially sustainable infrastructure that meets the needs of local communities, built environments that facilitate individuals, households and families to thrive or a productive building sector – New Zealand keeps failing to deliver on that.

This SRA says let’s stop looking for the mythical ‘silver bullets’. Let’s stop turning the cycle of blame. Let’s, instead, take a realist approach which recognises:

  • That there are lots of actors and decisions that impact on our homes, towns and cities.
  • Some of those actors and the logics of their decisions are not clear to others and some actors have more impacts than others.
  • We often don’t understand:
    • how different players’ logics, practices and tools affect New Zealand’s ability to get affordable homes in towns and cities; or
    • how we can adjust things to get better outcomes for all.

Funded under the Building Better Homes Towns and Cities (BBHTC) National Science Challenge this research focuses on understanding and changing the way different actors relate to one another to help us get better homes, towns and cities.

For more information about this research including the researchers who are on the team and a list recent publications please see the programme webpage here