Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

The Determinants of Tenure and Location Choices of 20-40 Year Old Households in the Auckland Region

This research is concerned with the patterns of location and tenure choices of people living in New Zealand’s most populous region – Auckland. It aims to improve New Zealand’s ability to plan for, and respond to, changing housing demand by:

  • Identifying likely patterns of tenure and location demand in the Auckland region.
  • Establishing the determinants of that tenure and/or location decisions by 20-40 year olds.
  • Assessing the environmental, social and economic implications of those patterns.
  • Assessing the impact of location and tenure choices on support needs in the context of an aging society.
  • Considering the implications for spatial planning and urban growth in the region.

Publications in this project

'Homes a financial stretch', BUILD 140, 45-46

The Determinants of Tenure & Location Choices of 20-40 year old Households in the Auckland Region